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The village


VERZENAY is a very old Champagne village: there are traces of history since the 9th century. The vines were probably there from the beginning of its history. Village located in the Great Mountain of Reims, vast plateau between Reims and Epernay covered with forest. Its flanks form hillsides where the vine is planted on chalky soils with some colluvium (debris from the erosion of other layers).

The vineyard of Verzenay with a total area of ​​424 ha is the northernmost of the Grand Crus of the Montagne de Reims. The hillside is an amphitheater, which naturally protects it from the north winds and enjoys maximum sunshine. Verzenay is the terroir where Pinot Noir gives aromas of red fruits and brings roundness, body and power.


Our estate


In 1694 in the archives of the village we find the name of Nicolas LALLEMENT. Many vine growers then cultivate the vine all year long and sell their harvest to the trading houses. After the fall of the grape price in 1929 and the resulting revolt, Jean LALLEMENT decided to make his own champagne and to keep part of his harvest. His first bottles were sold in the early 30s. His son Jean-Charles joined in the early 60s and took over the brand JEAN LALLEMENT & FILS.

Since 1999 Jean-Luc LALLEMENT and his wife Paula-Alexandra perpetuate the family know-how with a development of commercial export activity where the various wines proposed have now acquired an international reputation.

Family know-how for many generations

To compose a great champagne, you have to harvest very good grapes first. In order to succeed, the work of the vineyard is conducted in a traditional way in respect of the environment by limiting as much as possible any excessive treatment. Each parcel is controlled and followed until the date of the harvest to begin the picking of the desired ripened grapes.

This is done by hand only. The pressing is carried out on the farm itself, meeting the standards of the quality charter required by our AOC which conditions the delicacy and flavor of our champagnes. Vinification is done without yeasting, filtration or refrigeration. As a result, the wine is racked several times a year and stays until the month of July in a tank that loads with aromas before being bottled.

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